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Compass Pro 1.2.1
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iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 0.7M
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    Introducing Compass Pro : The compass that shows the direction to any location you want! With Compass Pro you can set a point on a Map, and Compass Pro will show you the direction to that point with a second marker on the compass in realtime. Compass Pro uses both, the built-in GPS device and the built-in digital compass of the iPhone 3GS, to calculate the heading towards geographical north and also towards your defined point on the map. Of course the location of the point you set on the map is stored on your iPhone 3GS. You can use it for several purposes: - find your parked car - find your hotel on vacation - find your tent when going camping - find interesting spots while hiking - find your camp on an expedition - find the next harbour at sea - find caches (geocaching) - find the "Qibla", the direction to Mecca Just to name a few. Let your compass go Pro... This is the international version with the N,E,S,W-layout. The localized german version "Kompass Pro" with the N,O,S,W-layout is available in the appstore too. Please use the email-support on www.compasspro.de if you have any problems, questions or requests. -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.- Short instructions: - tap the crosshair button to get to the map screen. - type in a full address, a name of a street/city/country/place or geolocations - you can also move the map by hand (use the little red cross in the middle to "aim") - or tap the "blue dot" button to zoom to your current location - press the crosshair button again to set the needle. - compass pro now shows the direction you set with a second little red arrow on the compass screen - tap the "red needle" button anytime to zoom to your target -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.- Work in progress: - zoom to location and target - save the last used map mode Planned features: - list for your favorite targets - passing the locations to google maps for route planning -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.- IMPORTANT: IPHONE 3GS ONLY ! WICHTIG: NUR F?R IPHONE 3GS ! IMPORTANT: L'APPLICATION EST SEULEMENT POUR L'IPHONE 3GS ! IMPORTANTE: L'APPLICAZIONE ? SOLTANTO PER IPHONE 3GS ! ВАЖНО: ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ IPHONE 3GS ! 重要: アプリケーションはIPHONE 3GSのためだけである IMPORTANTE: LA APLICACI?N EST? SOLAMENTE PARA IPHONE 3GS ! IMPORTANTE: A APLICA??O ? SOMENTE PARA IPHONE 3GS ! 重要: 應用仅是為IPHONE 3GS ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΟΣ: Η ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΗ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΜΟΝΟ ΓΙΑ IPHONE 3GS ! BELANGRIJK: DE TOEPASSING IS SLECHTS VOOR IPHONE 3GS ! ???: ??? IPHONE 3GS? ???? ?? -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.- REVIEW NOTES: @arvi-1974: Please use the email support if you need assistance how to use Compass Pro. Seems that you missed the most important feature... @Bigdawglsu, HJM3, zio tibia, ismann_b, Buvons, Badguy14, mgIphn, Capt. Al fr. Florida Keys, 123311209, LuvmyiPhone3g, Rexann, Ibuilt , Mustfly ,scarper, jack be nibble, clarck80400, andy56, Sergo2344 & ?rik : Sorry for the inconvenience, but as clearly mentioned in the text its not working on an iPhone 3G. Please use the support form on www.compasspro.de for further assistance. @BigBang24: Es wird der gesetzte Punkt lokalisiert. Vielen Dank für das hilfreiche Feedback. -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-